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Femina Vox, voices for women’s rights 2021

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A free forum honoring International Women’s Rights Day

Under the High Patronage of UNESCO

March 8th, 2021

7PM Paris - Madrid

10AM Los Angeles

1PM New York

3PM Buenos Aires - Santiago

6PM London

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Organized under the high patronage of UNESCO in partnership with AUF on the occasion of the International Women's Rights Day

Organized by Dr Guila Clara Kessous, UNESCO artist for peace, Ambassador for Peace of the Universal Circle of Peace Ambassadors (Geneva), this online conference was the opportunity to take a look at the commitment to women's rights today.

Gender equality is one of the two cross-cutting priorities of UNESCO. To find out more about our activities: Priority gender equality.

This series of interventions opened by Dr Guila Clara Kessous was intended to be the expression of solidarity, in order to defend these rights and reaffirm the initiatives essential to their unconditional recognition.

“We must enable women, all women, to dare to speak, to go against that injunction "Be smarter, be quiet" and provide them access the exact same rights as men, not as women, but as human beings”

Dr Guila Clara Kessous

UNESCO Artist for Peace – Ambassador for Peace of the Universal Circle of Ambassadors of Peace (Geneva)


7:00 pm – Plenary Session

  • Introduction by Dr. Guila Clara Kessous, UNESCO Artist for Peace

  • Damiano Giampaoli, Programme Specialist at the Division for Gender Equality, UNESCO

  • Opening Prof. Slim Khalbous, Rector of the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie

7:30 pm – A Preventive Commitment

  • Elisabeth Nicoli, lawer, co-director of the éditions des femmes-Antoinette Fouque

  • Liliane Daligand, psychiatrist, president of the VIFFIL association in Lyon

  • Christine Jama, director of Women's Voices (against forced marriages)

  • Céline Poulet, interministerial delegate for disability

  • Marie Rabatel, President of the Francophone Association of Autistic Women (AFFA).

  • Véronique Sousset, director of the penitentiary center

8:30 pm – A Commitment To Support

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